About NapkinAd


NapkinAd offers you a direct-to-consumer marketing tool that captures the attention of a relaxed individual for an extended period of time. Napkin advertising innovatively places your message directly into the hands of time-poor office workers and shoppers.


Currently over 3.5 million Australians use our advertised napkin ads each month nationwide.


We manufacture all napkins in our Australian based factory using 100% Australian materials and re-harvested paper which ensures a high quality of production. This also means your NapkinAd campaign can be in the market within two weeks (subject to availability).


Simplistically, NapkinAd offers you a miniature billboard that everyone needs.


The key marketing characteristics that make napkin advertising an effective medium to advertise your business include:

  1. NapkinAd offers you direct communication with customers: With only your advertisement on the napkin, NapkinAd provides a direct and uninterrupted line of communication between you and an individual consumer.
  2. NapkinAd offers you 15 minutes with a consumer: With average meal times of 15 minutes, the probability a customer looking, reading and thinking about your advertisement is very high.
  3. NapkinAd offers you repetition: People are creatures of habit and office workers usually eat within a 5 minute walking radius of their workplace. Therefore high coverage campaigns across our city locations ensure high repetition with lunch goers using your napkin ad, no matter where they eat.
  4. NapkinAd offers you Numbers! We get your message out to millions of people. NapkinAd will generate conversation about your brand to people with immediate spending money and time (i.e. lunch) to act on your message - simple!

Whether your marketing strategy calls for a high impact one-off promotion or as part of an integrated campaign, the versatility of napkin advertising allows us to tailor any promotion to meet your advertising needs.