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NapkinAd is a niche direct marketing firm that prints billboard advertising directly onto luncheon napkins. Napkin advertising is a direct, interactive and cost-effective medium that places your advertisement in front of shoppers with money to spend now!


Operating like a miniature billboard, napkin advertising offers you an innovative, creative and cost-effective avenue to promote your brand to a large, relevant audience in a short period of time.


Napkin Advertising works by opening a direct line of communication between your brand and an individual customer. NapkinAd targets shoppers and time-restricted office workers for over 15 minutes at a time (i.e. lunch) when a relaxed mind has a moment to understand, absorb and remember your advertised message. NapkinAd operates in over 400 food outlets nationwide across high-traffic city food malls, shopping centres, train stations and universities.


To learn more about NapkinAd, please explore our website and see why napkin advertising will change the way you advertise!


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